She isthe brave one. Following into the footsteps of her father and brother to being a doctor. Once I asked her, she wanted to be a scientist. Now, she was furthering her studies in Medic in Alexandria, Egypt.

Always get in touch with her on Skype. Thank you to technology & globalization. Come on girl, you can do it. Its been nearly six months she's in Egypt, hope everything goes well for her. Not to worry much cos many of them from Malaysia.

Here it goes, a little gift for my niece in Egypt.

A pack of 16 - White Envelope (with filling), Choc truffle with Hazelnut choc ganache, Little Roses

Another 16-pcs box. Leaves, Roses & White Envelope

That's the happy face at the background. Smile Girl!
Hi All! Revival of my entry.

I had a great weekend @ my hometown. Took 2 days off work, and there were my nieces and nephew at HOME. Loving it, always love them :) So, I took an extra effort to meet K Anna of ASB. It was a promise to come over and had a pack or two of her premix chocolate moist cake. However, I took three.

Got so excited, I reached home around 9pm and dash to get the cake mix prepared. The ingredients are simple, I was confident to have it all at home. There are two methods to prepare either by steam or bake. This time around I steamed the cake! In the pressure cooker it went.

So, here the picture of cube choc moist cake! With white chocolate on top.

And colourful chocolate rice!

So guys, try this out. Get the instant choc moist cake from me for only RM10.00. Email me
Because of the project runaway (so called...), I had another visit to this bakery shop. And guess what, there's stacked of flowers and leaves mold. Another pick for the day, added to my 'collection'.

For the flowers & leaves, I did a bit of coloring, so here they are:

Flowers & Leaves

A pair snuggled into 2-cavity box:

~ Nicey pair ~

Ideas for door gifts on any special occasion.
A whole lot of Cake Balls a.k.a Cake Pops waiting to be packed away in cute boxes. I bought little boxes with cavities to snuggle those cuties away. Like this :

Chocolat & Whit

Three boxes packed, could you see the middle 'model' in there?

Je t'aime

Get those @ RM5.90 per box. Promotion price RM4.90/box. (Min order: A dozen).

Perfect for door gift. Can be added with ribbons on top with additional RM0.20.

Ideas for: Birthday celebration, Baby Showers, Wedding or makan2 pun boleh :)
Cake balls : White & Choc

Its been weeks that I promised my niece to do something together! Haha ... since she loves chocolate so much, and I am into chocolate frenzy too ... we had a project runaway last weekend. (she ranaway from her parents for 2 days, but of course with their permission la ... not exactly a runaway :P.

What's those cute little cake balls? Appreciate K Anna
for her tips. So, this was the result: a whole tray of cake balls coated with white chocolate & milk chocolate. Lovely! Could you see the letters? It spelled my niece's!

Into the box. Twenty five pieces of cake balls. Simply irresistible!

A bite into it, and you truly really cannot resist it. A teamwork of delicate touch and a good dose of patient.

A pack of 25pcs cake balls: RM35.00. Additional RM0.50 for ribbons on top.

Promotion price: RM28.00 only.
Result of my project:

A love box with a dozen Choc Squares. Two mini boxes at side.
The groom is Iwan Shahril.

CONGRATULATIONS to Haiza & Iwan. May Allah bless you and grant both of happiness in the days and years to come :)
The bit bites, White & Blue. The love Choc Bite got imprint 'Baby Boy' on it. I have another one with 'Baby Girl' untested mold.

To put some taste into the bites, a few drops of peppermint flavor does the trick.

Few mores.

The one inside - double layer bit bites, blue and white. I brought this box to visit my nieces and nephews in Cheras. Aren't it special being unique? She chose the double layer. Gotcha!